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Hines Ball Advisory Group

Passionate Pursuit of Business Excellence

Hines Ball is your resource partner for your agency’s decisions about tomorrow
Perpetuation / M&A / Business Planning / Optimization / Valuation

About Us

Learn about the people, ideologies, and business intelligence that is Hines Ball Advisory Group


M&A Brokerage / Perpetuation Planning / Business Planning / Valuations / Operations Optimization

Strategic Partners

Connecting you with the right strategic technologies, consultants, professional support, and others for your agency’s success.

Mission Statement

To provide world class service to the Independent Insurance Industry through knowledge, integrity, professionalism, and results.

Vision Statement

Hines Ball is going to raise the conscious intelligence to ensure HB clients are identified as world-class business people and entrepreneurs.

Hines Ball Advisory Group

We Build our Relationships with our Ears.

Hines Ball Advisory Group has a foundation built on relationships, knowledge, integrity, professionalism & results.  As your business advisory professionals, we will work tirelessly as your industry experts to ensure that your key desires are met for your family, your employees, and your customers.  Your business is personal to you.  Your objectives and plans are not cookie-cutter.  At Hines Ball we believe the most important part of advising is listening to our clients.  Understanding your plans for the future, your struggles, your fears, and ultimately your goals, is what builds the foundation of our relationship with our clients.

When you work with Hines Ball, you get…

  • A team who understands your business

  • Complete valuation for today’s market

  • Buyers for all types of agencies

Due Diligence

Understanding what’s under the hood.

Due Diligence is the deep dive into the realities of your business’s past health, current performance, and potential future. Because the insurance market has its own fluctuations, such as the current hard market, a seller must be able to paint the appropriate picture of their agency’s success and potential. One must bring realistic expectations to the sales process. If you have had $1 million in revenue in the last 5 years, do not propose that you will be generating $3 million next year. The Team at Hines Ball will help you accumulate the materials for a complete Due Diligence package. HBA Group will dive deeply into the info to ensure that all necessary details are easily explainable and quantifiable. We bring together details and knowledge.

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